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How to hack Product Hunt

The Ups and Downs of a Launch Weekend


Alex from GrowGetters

Jul 18 2021

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Hello Growth Family!

This week was special: I fully indulged in the world of ProductHunt. I learned a lot, cried a little, and banged my head against the wall (once or twice). I wish I had been this smart about ProductHunt before I launched, but my loss is your win (I guess), so here we go:


I tried to prepare myself as well as possible: read articles, talked to people, and generally watched which products took off and which didn't. But, in the end, the golden source was fellow newsletter writer (MarketerCrew) and Product Hunt five-star general Falak Sher. Falak has analyzed the ins and out of Product Hunt and put it all together in a golden checklist. So, if you are very serious about your product launch, invest the money ($29) so you feel fully prepared.

Anyways, here are all my tips for a successful product launch (although it was a bumpy road, I made it to the Top 5 - whoop whoop)

  1. Register your PRIVATE PH account well beforehand. Product Hunt punishes "corporate" accounts, so register your account under your real name to have a chance to get featured. Unfortunately, I had to find out the hard way, as I registered a GrowGetters account. PH support was very helpful and ironed that out fairly fast, but it took me 2hrs after launch to figure out why I didn't get featured.
  2. Tell your closest friends to register a PH account well beforehand. I will get to that later, but Product Hunt "discredits" upvotes from new accounts, so tell everyone in your circle (mom, dad, dog) to register an account NOW.
  3. Find a big-shot hunter. This is not a prerequisite, but if you find someone with a huge following that will hunt your product, you are already in the win. You can find top hunters at Upvote-Bell, but I would recommend looking for product launches within your niche and talk to those hunters.
  4. Prepare your launch and set a time & date. You can upload everything on Product Hunt directly and set a launch time, but you can also use PreviewHunt to upload all files, etc. Biggest hack: launch around 00:01 San Francisco time to get maximum exposure. Weekends are generally less competitive, but you also have fewer eyeballs on the site - so decide for yourself what weekday makes sense for you.
  5. Get into PH upvote Facebook and Telegram groups. There are several groups of supportive Product Hunters. I honestly don't really know how much they help, but it sure doesn't hurt. Make sure to get approved before your launch because most admins take view days.
  6. Launch and hit up all of your friends. Those accounts your friends set up before? Those are worth gold now. Tell them to upvote as early as possible, comment below your launch, and go crazy. Five upvotes in the first 30min? - guaranteed to get you on the front page - I didn't know....
  7. Use your social network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Even if you only have 50 friends - every vote counts at this point, so hit them up!
  8. Hit up Facebook and Telegram groups. The US is sleeping now, so hit up European and Asian groups and go to sleep (if you are in the US). Then, after your beauty sleep, hit up the rest of the groups.
  9. Answer comments as soon as possible. PH counts the upvotes AND the activity around your product, so all comments and answers to comments are super valuable now.
  10. Chill and pray it goes north. There's nothing more you can do if you made it to the featured section; Product Hunt will decide. If you didn't make it, don't worry too much, this is not the end of the world (that's what I told myself)

Soooo, what did all this mean to the GrowGetter subscriber base?

You definitely see subscribers coming in once you hit the top five. Product Hunt gets more than four million monthly visitors, so you get seen by ALOT of eyeballs.

In clear numbers? The first day brought in 221 new subscribers - so I would say it went... alright?! - We'll see what the next days bring, we are still featured on the main page, and there are still new subs coming in - so who knows?

I think, all in all, it is worth it, you don't spend a dime, and it doesn't take all that long to set up. Just make sure you are active in the first hour of launching and have your friends ready. So, again for the people in the back:

  1. Set up a private PH account
  2. Tell ALL your friends to set up accounts
  3. Find a hunter
  4. Set the launch to 0:01 San Francisco time
  5. Get into upvote groups
  6. Hit up all your friends shortly after launching
  7. Post on social media
  8. Use upvote groups
  9. Stay active in the first hours of your launch
  10. Relax

I hope this helps; if you have any questions, reply to this mail, and I will do my best to answer them.

Have a great week, and let's keep growing!


PS: Falak from MarketerCrew & PH Checklist is in the Facebook group, so if you have any questions, just hit him up. (Jonas from Duuce as well - so if you have any questions about the recent episode - do the same.)

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